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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

ICHIBAN Restaurant

After two art gallery openings and a shopping spree, we stopped for dinner at a restaurant I have frequented in the past. Our meal at ICHIBAN was very good. We started with the Golden Calamari ]$9.95] which was really more tempura than deep fried. Then two orders of Sushi Regular Dinner [$16.95] which came with salad/ginger dressing or an excellent miso soup. These came with eight pieces of sushi [the unagi was terrific] and a California Roll.  Two beer Kirin Ichiban [$4.50/6.00] helped out with the meal.

The other diner had the Stone Pot Bibim Bop [$14.95] beef, rice and vegetables with an egg to mix it all up and be yummy.

blognote: There was a Groupon for $40 [$17] so we made out quite well.
bloginfo: Our server was terrific but didn't get his name [born in India of Tibetan descent].

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