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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Another pizza tonight but not as successful. It was a small with sausage, broccoli and mushrooms. Not as much flavor [or meat] and the mushrooms were cut too small. The crust was a bit soggy but the small salad [$5.95] was a good sized and very tasty.

Taken to lunch today to Nino's [formerly Tommy's] in Middletown. The place was packed at lunchtime on a Tuesday!

Split a small Meat Lover's pizza [$9.95] and it was a perfect size with four slices each. It was jam packed with sausage, pepperoni and meatball. The sausage was grilled and the meatball was sliced and grilled and both were perfection.

bloginfo: no website but many reviews on Yelp
blognote: I don't agree with a lot of the negative reviews!

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