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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brazil Grill

Brazil Grill on Park Street in Hartford is the place to go for a filling of good food. The buffet is always full of great choices: feijoada, red beans, white rice, chicken Stroganoff, fried plaintains, tilapia with orange sauce and a salad bar. This is a 'por kilo' type service [self service and weigh the food].

I opted for one of the three cuts of beef, lamb, white rice smothered in feijoada and a wicked good hunk of sausage. AND they have my favorite soft drink, Guaraná, to which I became addicted while on my three summer jaunts to teach at JAMI in Belo Horizonte.

Dessert was a wedge of Brazilian flan and a [gluten free] Strawberry Shortcake cake. The flan definitely won that battle. The espresso was super also.

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