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Monday, September 19, 2016

Wayback Burgers

Quick lunch stop today with son. Ordered what he ordered: a single cheese [$4.99] with stuff and Orings [$3.49]. Glad they have that combo now as I love their onion rings but can't go without fries.

April 16, 20016
Took advantage of the $4 BBQ Crunch Burger at Wayback Burger. It was a simple cheeseburger with a smear of BBQ sauce and a few home made BBQ chips nestled between the burger and tasty roll. Then there was a pile of these chips on the tray. They were a bit BBQish for me so didn't eat them all [honest]. The no calorie Peach Iced Tea is super [even though the lemonade was on a promo for 99 cents].

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