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Monday, November 09, 2015

WANG Chinese Restaurant

Went out for lunch with a bunch from the gym. WANG is just down the street so we thought that would be a good place to go. It is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and have always had a good meal there; the lunch menu is great.

I was going to order General Tso's Chicken but at the last minute ordered the Chicken Curry [$6.50] with white rice. I should have stuck to my original thought. Now my motto is: Don't order curry in a Chinese place. The rest of the meal was great. The Hot/Sour soup was perfect as usual. We were comped a 'Chinese Pizza' [Scallion Pancake [$4.50]] that was a little doughy and an order of exquisite of Crab Rangoon [$4.95], the best I have ever had. Everyone else was very pleased with their meals especially the one person that got the Coconut Ice Cream [$1.50] for dessert!

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