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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Majorca [update]

Another visit to Majorca to introduce friends to some great tapas during Hartford Open Studio weekend. We started with the Stuffed Dates [$8] with chevre and almonds, wrapped in bacon and Olives [$6] marinated with herbs and served warm.

Then we progressed to the Pan Catalan [$6], the Croquettes de Arroz [$9] and the Albondigas Spicy Meatballs [$9]. For dessert we had coffee and the Mango Tart Tatin [$6] and a special of Pineapple Buñuelos. I am sure I made converts to this wonderful place. Hope they don't forget me next time they make reservations!

September 1, 2015

Had a great meal tonight made up entirely of tapas [and desserts] and used a Groupon and split the tab with my guests. What a deal! Anyway, everything was delicious.

Started with Calamares Fritos [$9] with lemon and aioli [needed a bit more fry time but the aioli was fab] and Mejillones [$10] Cape Cod mussels with Chorizo, paprika, tomato broth delicious. Then onto Pan Catalan [$6] Grilled farm bread, warm pan sauce of cherry tomatoes, olive oil, marinated olives and shaved Manchego, Albondigas [$9] Spicy Pork meatballs, smoky tomato sauce, Manchego cheese and then the Papas Fritas [$9] Fried potatoes, Manchego Cheese, garlic, truffle oil.

the aftermath of the mejillones...
For desserts we had Casita Cheesecake, Chocolate Bread Pudding and Mango Tart Tatin [$6] and all were absolutely delicious.

March 14, 2015

Needed to go to Majorca to see what they have done with one of my favorite haunts O'Porto. The room is still the same but the menu is quite different. We were quite pleased with our meals and some food to take home. Started with two tapas: Datiles Rellenos [$8] dates stuffed with chevre and almonds, wrapped in bacon and delicious and Aceitunas y Hierbas [$6] Spanish olives served warm marinated in thyme, garlic, rosemary, citrus and bay leaf. A good sized serving and some here at home now. 
Olives and Dates
My order of Carne con Huevo [$22] grilled spiced rubbed hangar steak served medium rare as ordered with roasted potato and prosciutto over baby spinach leaves then topped with a fried egg and saffron basil sauce. ¡Rico! The other entrées were Camarones a la Plancha [$22] grilled shrimp over Moroccan couscous, roasted eggplant and red pepper salad tossed with chimichurri and Salmon con Lentejas [$21] pan roasted salmon over warm quinoa, lentil and artichoke salad with an almond and red wine gastric. Shared a dessert of Caramelized Pineapple Tort.

Carne con Huevo

Camarones a la Plancha

April 4, 2015

Back again today after Theater Works with three other people for tapas. I got there early so started with a glass of Albariño and the assorted Spanish olives [$6] which are my favorites. When everyone got there we ordered two orders of the duck confit, Pato con lentejas [$10], a good sized serving but the skin could have been crispier and the lentils were a bit bland and 'medium rare' although the duck itself was delicious. My order of meatballs, Albondigas [$9] was very good and easy to share. The roasted eggplant, Berenjenas Rellenas con Queso [$8], was also good and the sauce is terrific. Then after we thought we were finished, one order of ribs [$9], Costillitas con Cous Cous, was ordered and turned out to be a real winner. The Moroccan couscous was superb. Dessert turned out to be an order of dates, Datiles Rellonos [$8], are my all time favorite [see above]. The cappuccino was not as hot as I like but finished off a great meal of sharing and fun.

April 11, 2015

Here I am back again; this could become habit forming! Lunch today on the first real nice day of Spring. Next time will eat on the patio but a little too chilly today.

Tried the Pato con Lentejas again and asked that the Chef make sure the skin was crispier and mission accomplished. Still don't like the lentils that much. Since I had coveted the Costillitas last time I ordered it again and it was the best, very best. The ribs [4 of them] were amazing and the cous cous is great. This one goes on my 'let's order that again' list. Another item to add to the list is the Pan Catalan [$6]. While this is a different version of what I am used to in Barcelona, it rocks. It can be ordered with prosciutto [extra charge] and I will try that next time. Super. Also ordered the Papas Fritas [$6] and this huge order of sabor was great. We thought we could never finish them but did!

The pictures do not do justice to the food this time but will post next time with pix. Another excuse to visit Majorca!

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