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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Macori Restaurant

And the culinary gods were good to me...there is mofongo in my 'hood. Just ate at Macori and had a late lunch/early dinner. No one there but me and the chef made me fresh mofongo right there and it was banging. Had Guisado de Cerdo [pork stew] over mofongo and a piece of yuca [a little dry] with a can of Kola Champagne [$16.95]. Good thing my weight is [was] down because this meal could feed a few hungry people!

The restaurant is named Macori after the hometown of the owner, Rafael Paredes. He is from San Pedro de Macoris! and I love that merengue of the same name.

blognote: Parking might be a little difficult as it is on the corner of a  one-way street. There is a parking lot in back so I will inquire if that is for restaurant patrons.

blognote: Owner is planning to open a bar in the basement with hopes of live music and Merengue!!!

bloginfo: No website yet...

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