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Friday, November 20, 2015

East Side Deli

Finished up consulting on a Trash/Fashion Art Curriculum project at the local Middle and High Schools and ran over to East Side Deli for some late lunch. Saw that they had Pastelón [which I call Hispanic lasagna] so had to have some Follow their Face Book page for the daily menu. It was worth the 'getting lost on the way over' ride. Aside from the delicious pastelon there was Spanish rice, a side salad and a huge slice of Bread Pudding. Yum.

October 9, 2015
You find the greatest gems in places you would never in point: East Side Deli. This new little place had been recommended for its sandwiches and that selection looked great. BUT when I entered I saw the Daily Special sign with EMPANADAS on it. Yes! Now I love empanadas, those scrumptious little meat pies, especially those from Argentina.

The empanadas [3 for $6.95] this week were beef [with raisins and good stuff] and they were terrific. They are made in-house and were as fresh as could be. The word is that there are different kinds to order in the weeks to come. This will be a weekly stop for me!

bloginfo: No website yet but call 860.828.0792 or fax 860.828.0813. Also you can check in on their FaceBook page: East Side Deli.

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