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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Café 56

Took ourselves to a pre-Christmas brunch Café56 to catch up on latest travels. Got there at 10:45am which is a bad time between breakfast and changeover to lunch. After some fuming and pouting on my part, I ended up with a superb lunch!

I ordered the Argentine Tacandwich [n.(ta-cand-witch) – A combination of Latin American taco fillings served in a Portuguese roll, giving you the great flavors of the tacos you love with the convenience of a sandwich]. It was filled with Grilled marinated steak, green chimichurri sauce, house sauce with our spicy pimento rojo and Chilera sauce on the side. Delicious!

My table partner had the Cubano Tacandwich The Cubano  –  Slow roasted pork, locally smoked ham, melted house blend of cheeses, pickled red onions and our Havana sauce with Chilera sauce on the side. Both were $12.50 each.

October 24, 2015
Went to a theme dinner at Café 56 tonight which highlighted Mesoamerican food. My two guests had called and cancelled and there was no way I would miss a meal here. Chef Sabrina was able to put me at a table with three other people. Sorry I barged in on your private meal but you were very nice to me and since we were all foodies had some good convo.

Started with a Black Bean, Queso Fresco, Guacamole with fresh corn chips and they were super. Then on to the next course of a watercress, radish Salad with a hint of mint and avocado served with a queso dressing. Why don't we use more watercress here in the United States; it is delicious.

A Subanique of five protein [duck, chicken, pork, beef and chorizo] was served in a pot of spicy broth covered with banana leaves. It was smoky, deep-flavored and delicious. The side dish for this was white rice with tiny shrimp. We ended the meal with the familiar Tres Leches cake with accompanying candied platano and  a sheet of caramelized sesame seed. The cake was so moist and the accompaniments made this a perfect dessert after the spicy stew.

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Jola said...

We had an enjoyable time dining and conversing with you Thomas. It was a very nice evening with amazing food. We couldn't agree more with yoru comments.

Jola, Helen & Kevin