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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pillow Pub

Had plenty of time [thankfully] before the afternoon performance of 'Monchichi' in the Doris Duke Theater at Jacob's Pillow. So we stopped at the Pillow Pub for a sandwich. The line was not very long but it took quite some time for #35 order to be completed. If people would read the menu before getting to the counter to order, things would go a lot faster. And why does everyone in your family need to taste the soda before ordering it [and then not like it and order something else]?

Ordered two sandwiches and split them. Surprisingly they were on flatbread but delicious. The 'cuban' [$15] was not as good as the 'pig' [$14] because the whole grain mustard overpowered the meat. The pulled pork was super so all was well in snacktime. 

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