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Saturday, December 30, 2017


Had a Lamb Gyro with the best fries and tried a small order of Felafel. I am really trying to like felafel but it is always a little too dry for me even with the cup of tzatziki sauce. By the time I get finished introducing my guest to this place I should become Greek ambassador to Cromwell.

December 18, 2017

Went back again and again. First for Champion's Crepe with lamb gyro meat and now for a Lamb Gyro grinder. Both were delicious and addictive.

Reblogging this from August 29, 2015 as they seem to be doing a great business.

Suggestion: Get to Ambrosia on Main Street in Cromwell, CT before it gets so popular the line is out the door! I had the Gyro Wrap [$7.50] made from pork chops broiled on a döner machine. This is served in the authentic Greek street food fashion with fries inside the pita. The tzatziki sauce was one of the best yet. 

Anyone who reads this blog knows my penchant for street food. My two favorites are currywurst and döner kebab done with lamb. I just have to add this to the mix and not even have to travel but a mile or so. The Greek coffee frappe was out of this world.

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