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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Trinity Restaurant

I was having a lamb attack today and remembered the lamb sandwich [$11] on the lunch menu here at Trinity Restaurant. This is ultimate sandwich with loads of grilled lamb, greens and cheese on the best bread. So glad I went there today on a chilly afternoon.

June 13, 2015

Trinity Cinema at Trinity College and then down the hill to Trinity Restaurant. No one here so we had our choice of the round one in the window. Why aren't there more people here. The food is great!

Shared a Caprese salad which was very good. The rolls had just come out of the oven and were heaven especially with the herbed olive oil. I had the Orrechiette again like last time but had the cherry peppers left out...just as good or better than I remembered it.

June 3, 2015

After Theater Works' production of 'Good People' we headed off to dinner at Trinity. I had not been back there for a while and it sounded just right for the occasion. The sun was shining and the flowers blooming in the shaded front patio so we ate there.

Started off with a glass of Pinot Noir [$8] and some fresh-out-of-the-oven garlic knots with a nice dish of olive oil and crushed red pepper flakes. I ordered the Orrechiette with sweet Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, hot cherry peppers and fresh garlic [$16]. It was superb with 'easy on the hot peppers' and cooked to perfection.

For dessert the three of us could not make up our minds so ordered two [and got three]: Black Magic Cake, Creme Brulée and Tiramisu. All were great but we could have skipped this course!

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