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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Suso's Latino Basket

Ate at Suso's this evening with one of my many Groupon. What a great experience. I had eaten here before when it first opened and was not as impressed as tonight.

Started with the roasted corn found in many other restaurants but here it is sweet and salty. I ordered the Chimichurri Flank steak medium rare to rare just as ordered served with roasted potatoes and roasted peppers [$14]. The chimichurri sauce was deconstructed so that the individual ingredients were quite evident. The other entrée was Shortribs [$16] again with roasted potatoes and roasted peppers. The cut was gigantic and mouth-watering. 

Will definitely return and capture some of the Tapas offered early in the week. We will also bring our wine [or sangría] and enjoy. Here is a video of Chef Jesus Seoane.

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