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Friday, March 14, 2014

Mama Roux's Anew

Went to lunch with a friend and got lost on the way to Mama Roux Anew but finally found it again. It is worth the drive. Had the $6.99 lunch special of Tomato Basil Soup and a Turkey Reuben sandwich. Both were delicious especially the soup. Got a chance to talk to Chef Kim and met her son. He and I are both lovers of Spam [the canned meat not the unwelcome email].

Just a bit of serendipity took me to Mama Roux's Anew today. I went elsewhere for lunch and [as my grandmother would say: 'had my face made up for...] found out there was only buffet available. I wanted to try the new Chicken Guacamole sandwich but to no avail. I had heard that Mama Roux was open again in a new location so 'in a fit of 'pique' went there. Good choice!

I had the above pictured Fried Shrimp Po' Boy [$8.99]. Good big fresh shrimp bathed in mayonnaise and a wicked remoulade sauce and tucked into lettuce, tomato and pickles on perfectly crusty French bread. I had the option of kettle chips, coleslaw or potato salad. Great meal and I will be back.

blognote: was disappointed that Chef Kim was not there as I have known her since she was a kid running around Fong's, her parents' restaurant in Middletown, and then as a chef in the original Mama Roux's in Cromwell center. 

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