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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brazil Grill

Haven't been back here for a while and have missed the buffet. This time though I remembered to get my fill of meat. Took two friends here [and they picked up the check!] and they sure enjoyed it also. The best thing on the buffet was the white rice and black beans but I sure filled up on the other stuff too. For meat the lamb was the winner as it was so tasty and cooked just right. The pork was juicy and tender but that was on my second plate and most is waiting in the refrigerator at the moment. But that will have to wait for the pork sausages to be put in tomorrow's eggs. Needless to say I enjoyed everything. Had a can of Guaraná to wash it all down; memories of my three visits to Belo Horizonte.


Had a hankering for Brazilian food and found just the right place. The owner is a Mineiro so that is even better as that was the type of Brazilian food I ate in Belo Horizonte. Nice people, clean good-sized restaurant and really good food.

It is a 'pay by weight' buffet. I skipped the salads and went straight for the good stuff. Many of my favorites: baked Pork Ribs [lots of meat. little bone and/or fat], sweet ripe fried Plantains, Chicken Stroganoff [absolutely the best], white Rice with black beans and pork stew or Vegetable Rice. Had a Guaraná to drink; the best soft drink ever [don't even ask how much caffeine]. I [inadvertently] skipped the meat rotisserie but it was early lunch. AND now I can come back for dinner. This fantastic lunch came to $10.98 [$9.10 for the buffet and $1.25 for the drink +tax]. Prices by the pound are Buffet only $5.99, Churrasco/Buffet $6.99, Churrasco only $9.99.

bloginfo: As the brochure says, 'It's closer than Brazil.' Find it at 1996 Park Street.
blognote: Parking out front for about 10 cars but I can see that at dinnertime you might need to park on the street.

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