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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Ate at Flemings again tonight with a large group. Don't like eating with a group of eight or larger but it was successful and everyone enjoyed the meal. This was because our server, Gina, did such a good job. My meal was very good and Gina designed a very nice red wine flight: Burgess Merlot, Craggy Range and A2Z Pinot Noir [$15+].

I started with the chef special soup of the night, Lobster Chowder [$10.95], and it was very tasty. I had thought of having the Heirloom Tomato and House Made Burrata which turned out super also. My neighbor had the Crispy Pork Belly and that too was a nice but heavy start to the meal.

My entrée was definitely the best of the best. This was the small plate serving of the Sliced Filet Mignon over crispy Shiitake Risotto with chili oil and porcini butter drizzle [$20.95] cooked perfectly as ordered.

Skipped dessert [but shared some bites from others, Chocolate Lava Cake, Crême Brulée, etc.] and had a decaf Latte [$4.95]. Service lacked a bit when Gina was not there, her partner was not having a good night. Hint: Don't tell patrons that the tip is not included; we have eaten out before.

January 28, 2012
Crazy, crazy in the lobby at Fleming's . Everyone was hungry; some had reservations, some didn't and some just wanted to get to the bar. We didn't feel overlooked just hungry and anxious for a table. They did keep us informed and asked us to be patient [and we were, sort of]. Finally a table, a nice table and a personable server. Black napkins or white, here are your menus, be right with you. Then two complimentary appetizers: Roasted Mushroom Ravioli and Sweet Chile Calamari for being so patient. This is front-of-the-house at it's best. Both the ravioli and calamari will insure my return.

Now the food, all of which was very good. We were there for the Prime Rib Promo [$29.95] as were so many other diners. Choice of three salads and we each ordered a different one. The Caesar looked good but was heavily dressed and deemed excellent, the Fleming's salad was trendy but good and I had the Wedge. I am not a wedge salad person but wanted to see the third choice, the bacon and blue cheese were very good but the lettuce was a bit pale and the dressing was a little scant. But that is may be how the wedge should be, who knows but next time it's the Caesar for me.

The wine menu was interactive and very Ipad looking. Lots of ways to browse for wine and too many for me. Our server tried to steer me through the cybergates of wine and then suggested a Rioja [$48] which turned out to be perfect.

We all wanted an end cut of prime rib and there were that amount available. The meat portion was very good size and just the right amount of crispiness on the outside. It could have been a bit warmer but was delicious. Each person also was able to order a side: Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach and the last choice was debated between the Onion Rings and Sautéed Mushrooms and the mushrooms won. The mushrooms were the best side!

Three desserts from the menu with no holds [or calories] barred. We ordered the Molten Lava Cake as were eating our entrées as it needed twenty minute. What a delight that was! The other two desserts were Fresh Berries in Chantilly Cream, my order, so fresh but decadent. The third dessert, Walnut Turtle Pie was set up to be taken home [to their house not mine!].

Will definitely be back to visit the bar as I hear the bar menu is great.

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