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Saturday, August 24, 2013

East-West Grille

Early dinner before theater today. I had the Seafood Fresh Ginger Stir Fry with purple and white sticky rice and the other guest had the Pad Lao:  Country style Pad Thai) Choice of protein, sautéed noodles topped with fried egg strips, nuts, & herbs [$10.25]. The Pad Lao was certainly the winner, what a great dish with nice large fresh shrimp. That will be my choice next time.

Seafood Ginger Stir Fry

January 9, 2013
Nice 'business' lunch today at East-West Grille. Tried to start with an order of Asian Cigars [$5] which were pan roasted paratha filled with carmelized onions and served with peanut curry sauce. The order didn't get to the table on time to be an app but were compted. Two entrées from the Lao side of the Thai-Lao menu: Lao Stew [$9.50] chicken, bamboo, zucchini, Thai eggplant, mushroom and fresh dill. Very smooth and flavorful. My entrée was Larb Seen [$8.95] minced grilled beef tossed with roasted rice powder, lime juice, galanga ginger, scallions, cilantro, mint and served with lettuce and cucumber. This is billed as a room temperature dish and had one chili pepper rating. It was hot and very good; I liked the room temperature bit. Both entrées were served with sticky rice at no extra cost.
Lao Stew
Larb Seem

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