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Friday, December 14, 2012

Stella d'Oro

Luncheon special [with a coupon] at Stella d'Oro in Metro Square Plaza, Middletown today. Finally got to eat here after several unsuccessful tries. They have a sister restaurant in Saybrook. Thought we were getting the Vitello Sorrentina [$11.95] but there was a 'lunch special' of Vitello Veronese. This had the same eggplant, mozzarella, mushrooms and some greens [spinach] in a tomato cream sauce and turned out to be $14.95. No other veal dish was this high a price on the lunch menu. Was it the knowledge of the coupon that created this price? Anyway the veal dish was great, the sauce was wonderful, the garlic was plentiful. The bread beforehand was perfect and the dipping sauce was garlicky sassy. The included salad was a throwaway. Yes, I would go back but would be careful with the pricing. The meal with tip ended up costing an extra $20.

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