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Saturday, December 01, 2012

NORA Cupcakes

Got a cupcake the the truck last night. Late night pricing for a limited menu. I had the Ginger Pear [$2.50] and it was, of course, delicious.

Original review from 3/2012:

Tried out the new cupcake site, NoRA cupcake, in Middletown. What a surprise. It’s such a great place. The cupcakes are rather expensive but well worth the price!!!

There  were too many choices all looking very delicious. One choice was the Black & White Swirl which was declared great. But my choice was the very best of the best: Pancake Bacon. This wonder had the taste of a syrup soaked pancake and was topped with candied bacon and super frosting. It was a meal, a deal but not a schlemiel. Go for it! Next time I will linger with a cupcake and coffee and not slink out the door with my prize. 

bloginfo: The cupcakes are $4 and up.
blognote: The picture of my beauty that I took in the store didn’t come out well and the picture I should have taken at home didn’t get taken because I ate the cupcake too fast!

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