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Monday, December 12, 2011

Casa Mia

Nice little place for a good meal in North Miami. Owner operated with one server and can they take care of a room.All the little details are there.

Started with a delicious Cream of Spinach soup. Good bread and great olive oils. Then on to the Pasta Special: fresh spinach, sweet Italian sausage and mushrooms over al dente spaghetti. It was simple and beautifully prepared. Paired this with a bottle of Festa suggested by the owner. For dessert a triple layer of chocolate cake, flan and a caramel mousse with a cappuccino.

bloginfo: Casa Mia Trattoria is located 1950 NE 123rd Street in North Miami. No website. 
blognote: Not the kind of restaurant where you take pictures of the food, so you get the table decoration instead.

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