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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tibetan Kitchen

I could become a vegetarian after eating here at Tibetan Kitchen this afternoon. Went in at a weird time [electricity was out at home] so the cook was on break. No problem, I had a Chai tea [$2] and wandered through the menu of items that were so new to me. This is such a charming place, no other word for it. The decor, service and cleanliness are a welcome addition to 'restaurant row' here in Middletown.

Settled on the Shogo sip-si [V7. $7.50] which was shredded potato sautéed with dried chili, ginger, garlic and red onion seasoned with Tibetan pepper served with steamed bread. This was accompanied with two hot sauces made in-house. I dipped the plain bread into the sauces and had to get some more [.75 charge].  I could have eaten about three more servings of this potato dish and the additional sauce was worth the extra charge.
bloginfo: Tibetan Kitchen takes up the space where Iguanas Ranas was formerly [they have moved down the street to a larger location]. Take out at 860.343.3073
blognote: When you enter here you leave Middletown and find yourself transported halfway around the world. What a joy!

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Anonymous said...

delicious!! will definitely try soon.