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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Primavera Pub

Tried Primavera Pub again today for lunch. We both had the lunch special of Rojões [$9.50] which was a plate full of fried pork cubes, boiled potatoes and sautéed broccoli rabe. Also ordered an appetizer of fried Linguiça which went beautifully on a Portuguese roll. Everything was delicious and I now have another convert to this fantastic place. We will be back soon [and not too soon enough]!

blognote: Lots of leftovers for dinner tomorrow.

November 15, 2011
After seeing 'Motherfucker With The Hat' at Theater Works we headed out to Primavera Pub for some Portuguese food. I was told the Portuguese food I had been eating in Hartford needed to be tested against the 'real' food here. They were definitely right.

I had the Bitoque, a rich ensemble of ribeye steak, ham slice, fried egg over fried potatoes, which was excellent. This I accompanied with a Sagres beer. My compatriot had the Alentejana, Clams and Pork, over vegetables and fried potatoes, which was also great. The portions were huge and the fantastic Portuguese bread and olives to start the meal helped fill us up. Lots went home to be enjoyed later.

bloginfo: Primavera Pub is located at 271 Newington Ave in Hartford, CT 06106
blognote: Don't let the appearance of this neighborhood place turn you off. It is great inside!

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