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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sakura Garden [CT]

Lunch here today was a real bargain [$14.95] and we left very full! Started with sushi and ordered more midmeal: Eel, Shrimp Tempura, Peanut/Avocado and a Tiger Roll which was crab, spicy sauce and a marbled seaweed wrap.
Tiger Roll and Peanut/Avocado Roll
The highlights of the meal were the Kani salad, spicy calamari salad, shrimp scampi and fried dumplings. Service was great and the place was getting real busy as we left.

July 22, 2011
Had a fantastic dinner tonight [with the aid of a $35 coupon] at Sakura Garden in West Hartford. The concept seemed a little daunting at first but with the help of our server Melissa we soon figured it out. You pay a flat fee depending on lunch or dinner and day of the week. Our price was $28.95 a person [the highest category: dinner/weekend]. With this fee you get access to a wonderful buffet and any [as much as you can eat] sushi/sashimi from a menu with no prices. The row of sushi chefs was awesome. 

We started with an order of Fried Lobster Sushi, an order of Sweet Potato Tempura and a piece of Niguri White Tuna [for me]. You can see that the other two diners were not into 'raw' fish. The choices of sushi were non-ending and included favorites such as traditional rolls [we later ordered a Philadelphia Roll] and Sakura Maki Creations [Shrimp Mango Roll, Dragon Roll, Spicy Tuna Sandwich, etc.].

The buffet was loaded with every great Japanese delicacy you could imagine. There were Kumamoto Oysters, Edamame, Kani Salad, all sorts of Tempura, Shrimp prepared several ways, Chicken Yakitori, Gyoza, etc. The only 'fillers' were a Chicken Fried Rice and Noodles with all the rest of the entrée level.

There was fresh fruit in abundance and cakes, pies and cheesecake. We even had Green Tea Ice Cream from the kitchen.

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blognote: Some of the items could have been a little hotter.

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