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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Butterfly Restaurant

After theater dinner for five and a very successful meal here at Butterfly.

Started with the Peking Duck [$30.95] with 8 pancakes. Delicious and prepared tableside. Then three entreés: Shrimp with Broccoli [$12.25], Chicken with Cashews [$9.25] and Sliced Beef Hunan Style [$10.25]. Of the three, I liked the beef the best but the shrimp was very good and the broccoli delicious.

blognote: Coupon, from the coupon maven, for 20% off the meals.

June 27, 2009

Celebration dinner here tonight with a party of eight relatives and friends.

Started with a bottle or two of Pinot Grigio and a double order of Peking Duck [for two]. The duck was wrapped tableside and the eight legs were devoured quickly. Everyone had one of the three offered soups: Egg Drop, Wonton and Hot Sour.

We then went on with a table full of Mango Shrimp [special that night], Sweet Sour Shrimp, Pork Egg Foo Young, House Fried Rice and House Lo Mein. Also, one of my favorites, the Dried Sautéed String Beans.

It was a wonderful meal with good friends and lots of fond memories.

bloginfo: Check out the menu here.
blognote: This graphic is very special; see the poem ['J'] it inspired under the May 10th date in my poetry blog.

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AA said...

I should learn not to read your posts past 9pm. They make me hungry, and I know I shouldn't be snacking that late. (Have lost 10 lbs so far since the move - WOOT WOOT)