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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Harmony Café [CT]

Lunch here today, had planned to eat outside but too hot. Sat inside next to a father [take care of the kids day] with two young boys. Not too tranquil a meal!

Sandwiches were fine and both had the Pork Tenderloin [oops out of pork so substitute chicken] with gorgonzola on a croissant and tropical chutney if you ask [$8.95]. Worked out well as the chicken was tender and flavorful. One sandwich with very good potato salad and my house salad with Vidalia Onion dressing was great.

Dessert was a shared Cream Puff filled with chocolate mousse and slathered in chocolate truffle sauce [$4.95]

bloginfo: another Groupon
blognote: The service has improved immensely; see earlier review.

May 23, 2011
Lunch today [with a $10 Groupon Coupon] at Sweet Harmony Café in Middletown. Very nice menu in a very kitschy dining room setup. We ate at a round table sitting in overstuffed armchairs. It does have a theme which you can't miss.

Breads and pastries all prepared onsite. The sandwiches were very good: Pork Tenderloin with gorgonzola and chutney and my Italian Coldcut and cheese on a roll. The choices for sides were salad or red potato salad [the cheese tortellini was out]. Good sized portions for an $8.95 sandwich/salad combo. Desserts were the specialty. I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter concoction which was way too sweet for me. The Eclair filled with vanilla mousse was sinful. It was declared 'not as flaky as before'. Desserts $5.95 each.

Service on the other hand was very spotty. The person in charge needs to train the staff. One waiter was very efficient while the other was way out of his league. He wanted to put the dessert dishes on top of the dirty sandwich dishes. I told him no, please bus the table first. It was like he was never told to do that. With a little finesse this could be a real starter. Will return and give it another chance.

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