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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Restaurant Le Beaujolais

Another set group dinner at Restaurant Le Beaujolais near the Eiffel Tower. This was very successful with a nice ambiance family style. Had the Escargot for entrée [even with the right utensils the little guys didn't want to come out]. My plat was a gigantic Saucisse d'Auvergnes which was super good. Had another ubiquitous Tarte aux Pommes for dessert. Had vin blanc with the snails and vin rouge with the sausage. Needed the long trip around the Eiffel Tower to walk it all off.

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Amiable Amiable said...

So, you're saying the escargot were "slow" to come out of their shells? (I am assuming you will disapprove of this comment.) I am jealous - I love escargot.