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Saturday, May 21, 2011

La Pierrade

Lunch in Montmarte, sitting on the terrasse in the sun, watching all the people. That was what it was all about on Saturday. La Pierrade is well situated, well located for a leisurely lunch without all the hassle. Yes, the street performers did get a little close but the music was good.

I shared the table with a new found friend and it was very enjoyable. We both ordered the €13 formule and started with Onion Soup which at that price was onion soup and not the gratinée version of the tourist books. It was good and had two cheese covered croutons in each. I had the Brochette, potatoes and greens for entrée and she had the Saumon and Riz. The dessert was included and we both had glaces/2 boules; mine was coffee and chocolate. The flavors of ice cream here are so much more intense than home. Yes!

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