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Friday, May 06, 2011

Rockland Bakery [NY]

Stopped on our way home from the Edison Estate/Montclair Art Museum Tour at this amazing bakery. The Rockland Bakery is the 'funnest' bakery I have ever seen. The front showroom was filled with cakes, pastries and pies. The unique part was the back of the store. You put on plastic gloves, gather up some paper bags and proceed to pick out the fresh bread you wanted. Some of it [bagels] was coming off the conveyer belt. The rest was sorted by type [at least 20] on huge shelves. Then you took your choices to the front, stood in line, had the bread sliced if wanted and paid up. There was even a 10% senior discount. I bought a whole grain baguette and a round levain. This came to $3.29. What a joy!

bloginfo: The Rockland Bakery is in Nanuet, NY
blognote: They supply many of the best restaurants in NYC.

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