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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ginza [CT] update...

Celebrated a son's 50th birthday today here at Ginza and had a great meal. Started with an order of Edamame [$4] and then had the Lobster Roll Sushi special of the day [$18]. This was a luscious combo of lobster tempura, asparagus, avocado with a sesame rice wrapper over two sauces and topped with a wonderful seafood arrangement.

There were two Hibachi entrées: Chicken/Scallop [$22] and my Salmon [$20]. These included soup, salad, vegetable rice, fried noodles and two grilled shrimp. What a great assortment of delicious food. The other entree was Teriyaki Chicken [$16] with white rice and vegetables [beautiful asparagus] and Miso soup.

blognote: Signed in with YELP and got a 10% discount!


My second visit tonight; this time for dinner. Started with a California Roll and a Shrimp Tempura Roll; both very good especially the shrimp. 

An entrée of Steak Teriyaki [$18] with a terrific piece of steak cooked to order at medium well and accompanied with fresh broccoli and asparagus. My choice of Yaki Soba [$14] with beef was tasty and just the right amount after the salad and sushi. 

bloginfo: Joined the Feng/Ginza VIP Club
blognote: Service by Fiona was charming!

Went to Ginza for a 'Christmas Lunch' today thanks to my lovely neighbor! This is the restaurant in Wethersfield, one of five under the Feng flag; three Feng restaurants and two Ginza. It was very successful for the four of us, each with a different meal.

Started with an appetizer order of Edamame [$4] and then the ordering went on: Two Ginza Lunch Boxes [bento box] which included a California Roll, Shrimp Shumai, Salad and Miso Soup. Then the main additions were: Chicken Teriyaki [$9] and my Sashimi [$12, guess I am an expensive date!]. Ginger salad dressing was very good as were the shumai. The miso soup was a lighter base than I am used to but delicious. My box with sashimi had four pieces: two Fluke, one Tuna and a fantastic Salmon. One order Woki Special for the hostess with Basil Chicken and Mushroom Soup [$9] and a Maki Special [$9] with salad, California Roll and Sweet Potato Tempura Roll. Two of us finished with cups of hot green tea.

bloginfo: beautiful simple dining room, good service
blognote: next to Fresh Pickings' [see their review] 

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