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Monday, May 23, 2011

Blvd. du Montparnasse Restaurants [4]


Ate at the Restaurant Parnasse twice, both times were set meals for a group. The first time at a table in the front window with one other person. The entrée was a Paté with toast, salad and cornichons. The plat was a Boeuf Bourguignon with scalloped potatoes [not fresh pasta as listed on the carte] and very nice vegetables. The dessert was a passable Tarte Tatin. We shared half a carafe of vin rouge and had a café noisette to finish.

The second time was the 'au revoir' dinner on the night before last of our gathering. Why this restaurant was chosen for the second time is beyond me. There are so many fine restaurants on the Boulevard there. My entrée this night was the Millefeuilles stuffed with eggplant and mozzarella with a basil sauce and it was very good indeed. The plat was a Magret de Canard [my favorite duck dish] with honey sauce. Another Tarte Tatin for dessert, this time a better choice. The Mousse au chocolat with crême anglaise did look promising. Sat with group leader and group guide and had quite the nice conversation.

blognote: Dinner here was slightly harried with the owner running around trying to find out who ordered what? Maybe try writing it down!


This is my favorite restaurant on the Blvd. du Montparnasse! Why? It's the food, the service, the owner, the ambiance........

Ate here twice also. The first time was for lunch and since it was right across the street from the my hotel, Villa Luxembourg, I walked across the way; good choice. I sat with the owner, Jean Charles, and a friend of his, Noël [who was joyeux!]. I ordered a formule of Paté Terrine and Pizza. Sounded strange to me but delicious. The paté was the best of artisan chunkiness and the  pizza [choice of veal] topped with the Basque axoa sauce of pimento and onion with two cheeses was super.
foie gras w/jelly

I ate at OYEZ P'AXOA again on Saturday evening, my last night in Paris. Instead of opting for a new restaurant I went back to this favorite one. It certainly turned out to be a good decision.

Sitting outside at a café table, I enjoyed a memorable meal. There was a large table inside filled with participants of my group and later another table for four joined them. Jean Charles let one of them take his picture with me. I ordered a glass of the same rosé claret and the same Paté Terrine. To this I added a Salade Oceanie [with sardines]. All was going extremely well. A man, friend of the owner, sitting alone on my right was smoking a cigar and then left to give up his table to the quick filling-up of the café. He eventually came back, was introduced to me by JC and joined my table. From that time on the evening just got better. We talked food; he being the expert, me the student. We traded stories. Wine started flowing and food started to appear. I 'sampled' the very best foie gras with jelly I have ever had! Then Grilled Calamars with seafood and Fideos. To finish it [and me] all off a slab of exquisite Chocolate Cake with Mango Sorbet.

bloginfo: the gentleman at my table was Louis Jacques Vannucci.


Confit de Canard
Oeuf Bio
Chez Clement turned out to be a good find on Monday evening for dinner. This is a chain with a restaurant will situated on the Blvd. du Montparnasse. I had the €14.90 formule of entrée and plat and started with Oeuf Bio and Salad ['farm fresh' deviled egg with salad]. There were several interesting main coursed but I opted for the Confit de Canard, duck being one of my favorites, with greens and some tasty potatoes. Of course Badoit Verte, sparkling water, a vin rouge Brouilly [€5.10] and my ever present 'dessert' of café noisette. Good meal, well priced, nice atmosphere.

blognote: Had a great conversation with a couple next to me. He had a Wesleyan connection and she worked for Capezio and we talked dance..

Crôque Monsieur


After watching Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' in Paris, I stopped for a 'snack' at L'Atelier, a new café-brasserie on Montparnasse. The movie is wonderful especially for the shots of Paris. The snack was great: a Crôque Monsieur.

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