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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shabu Shabu Bangkok [HI]

We got last minute tickets to a Gamelan Concert [Javanese and Balinese] for our last night together and then went out for a special dinner. Saw this ad for a new Thai restaurant that specialized in shabu shabu which is really Japanese. It was great. 

Started with an appetizer order of Spring Rolls which were excellent. Then came the five different sauces; each person had their own set of five, some spicy, some sweet and all delicious. We ordered the meat combo plate with beef, chicken and pork. It also had some meat filled wonton, 'meatballs' and mushroom. Also ordered Vietnamese long rice [cellophane noodle] and baby bok choy. All of this we cooked in our own pot filled with beef broth. Later we ordered some udon noodles to finish up the remaining broth. What a fun way to go out to dinner!

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