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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puket Café 2 [CT]

Had a birthday lunch today [can I milk that birthday, or not?] at the new Puket Cafe in Rocky Hill. I have eaten in the original in Wethersfield and really like it. Here the food is the same but the room is different. This one is very modern with clean lines, beautiful!

We had the Pla Muk Tod appetizer [$6] battered calamari deep fried with Thai sauce. This is served over iceberg lettuce with the greatest sauce.

For entrées we shared a Massaman Curry with grilled shrimp [$11.50] and the 6 shrimp were perfect and the curry over the white rice was good. The other shared dish was the Pad Se Ew [$9] with fried tofu. I have always like these flat noodles. I prefer this to Pad Thai.

bloginfo: The website here has the menu which is the same for both locations.

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