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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Bubba's BBQ

Had a 'light' lunch here today at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

Three of us all ordering off the appetizer menu: one order of Trash Ribs [$8.95], one order of Slo Smoked BBQ Wings [$$9.95] and an order of BBQ Sliders [$9.95]. We supplemented with an order of Onion Rings [$6.95]. Well the Trash Ribs were great, the Wings were probably from eagles not chickens they were so big and the Sliders [two - one each of pulled pork and one of brisket] were a bit dry. The rings were also gigantic [get the theme here]. The server, Billy S, really wanted us to get the Lunch All-You-Can-Eat Special for $19.95; they probably serve this in a wheelbarrow. Oh, and sodas are $3.50 [free refills].

Needless to say, there was a pretty big doggy bag leaving that place.

blognote: Vanna White was again not too nice to me on the Wheel of Fortune machine. Guess I need a break from Mohegan Sun. Wonder what the restaurants are like at Foxwoods??!!

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