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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Humacao Restaurant

I was having a mofongo attack so went back to Humacao [the restaurant here, not in Puerto Rico!]. Didn't realize it was so long ago. Anyway, I can't find decent or readily available mofongo around here so went to East Hartford.

Had Mofongo over Pernil; what a combination of plaintains, garlic and roast pork[$7 with a soda].

blognote: Since my blogger name is Mofongoman I need to do more research on this item. Yummy!

4/11/08 [earlier review]

Found a clipping on my bulletin board from last month, so I decided to try the Humacao Restaurant for some Puerto Rican food.
Great little neighborhood restaurant with delicious, authentic food and very nice people!

I had a lunch special of fried porkchop with rice and beans, fried plaintains. The lunch special is the inclusion of rice [white or yellow] with beans and the fried plaintains. There were 15 different choices of meat. What you order is what you get: a fried porkchop is 'una chuleta frita' and vice versa; real home cooked Puerto Rican food no gourmet trappings here.

Also ordered mofongo; my usual over-ordering, so the mofongo got the 'llevar' treatment and became a to-go item for tomorrow's dinner. The car still smells of garlic, my favorite aroma. The mofongo came with/without meat; I opted for the vegetarian version.

Staff is very friendly and efficient. They handle loads of people at lunchtime and are completely bilingual. Will go back for dinner soon.

bloginfo: Humacao is located at 245 Silver Lane in East Hartford. Phone is 568.9500
Humacao Restaurant [great music and menu lists prices]
blognote: mofongo is my blogname and I will taste test this version and blog more later.
MOFONGO UPDATE! Saturday, April 12th
Had the mofongo for dinner today with some linguiça [with pineapple from Whole Foods] and it was great. I fried up the linguiça and added the mofongo which I had steamed in the microwave. I ended up frying it up all together and it was very moist and crunchy, too.

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