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Friday, November 20, 2009

la Rotísserie d'en Face [Paris]

Have always wanted to eat at Jacques Cagna and got my chance here at his 'other place' in the Left Bank, 6iéme arrondisement, where I stayed for the weekend. I made my reservations by internet several weeks ahead of time and had to call that morning from the hotel to reconfirm. My reservation was for noon and I was the first to occupy the dining room but it shortly filled up.

It turned out to be a very relaxed, down home type of meal. The service was elegant but friendly. The room was along the lines of a fine farmhouse dining room.

The menu was the starter+main+dessert [or any combination thereof] formula. I opted for the starter+main.
Lunch began with Whole grain bread made on the premises served with a sealed pot of butter.
Ordered eau gazeuse [sparkling water] and a glass of Sancerre white wine to go with meal.

My starter is not on the website menu. It was Eggs Farmer Style, the eggs being 'bio-fermier' or organic. This was served in a large ramekin: two eggs sunny side up with three coins of foie gras and diced tomato. Delicious and sopped up with the bread, more delicious.

The main was the Poulet Fameux [famous chicken], again organic. This serving was a breast with wing attached, cooked perfectly moist with crispy skin. Puréed potatoes and gravy [more sopping up].

Skipping dessert I had my usual Café Noisette [espresso with a dollop of milk this resembling the noisette 'almond']. The coffee usually comes with a little cookie so that was my dessert.

bloginfo: The restaurant was not easy to find as rue Christine is a very small street with not much else on it.
blognote: This was not the most exciting meal I had this weekend in Paris but probably the best cooked. Cost: €43.10 and left change for €45 total.

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