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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pho Mai Vietnamese Restaurant

Just had a quick and tasty lunch at Pho Mai in Middletown. Only one other party of four there when I arrived just before noon. The restaurant filled to capacity soon after that. Very popular! The best word to describe this place is FRESH!

I had the #1 Goi Cuon: Two fresh spring rolls with lettuce, mint, vermicelli, pork slice and shrimp served with peanut sauce [$4.25] and the #7 Canh Chua Ga: A cup of hot and sour chicken soup with vegetables. The soup had just my limit of hotness but I was still crying on the way out. Delicious food at a good price.

bloginfo: Pho Mai is at 570 Main Street in Middletown right next door to another favorite of mine, Iguanas Ranas.
blognote: Lots of takeout going on so call 860.347.0773

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