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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salvador Restaurant

Off to Manchester today. So headed down Burnside Avenue in East Hartford on the way home to choose one of the many ethnic restaurants for lunch.

Saw the Salvador Restaurant and decided to try it out. Good lunch at a good price in a Hispanic neighborhood. All of the diners were from this neighborhood, so it must be authentic.

All of the serving containers at the main counter were covered and there was no evident menu or meal listings. Having seen Pollo Frito painted in the front window, I ordered that. My lunch consisted of a hind quarter of a well spiced and nicely fried chicken. This came with rice and beans. Then appeared a small plate with three pupusas [see picture above]. This was the Salvadoreña touch to the meal. These tortilla-like creations are really not much to my liking as they are a little thick and mealy and probably containing cornmeal. I asked for some salsa and got two little containers: one of salsa verde [spicy] salsa roja [very spicy]. They softened up the pupusas but I didn't fininsh all three of them. For a refresco I ordered a Pepsi [not diet!!!] and the whole meal came to $10.

bloginfo: Salvador is located at 514 Burnside Avenue in East Hartford.
Telephone: 528.2442 and they are open every day from 11am to 10pm.
blognote: no parking lot, just park on the street but pull up onto the curb

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