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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Birthday and Anniversary celebration on the same night with the same couple. What an excuse to go to j.gilbert's! Whereas one might look for a restaurant with a unique menu; here one can always find a superb meal.

We each had a Shrimp Cocktail for appetizer [$13.95 see blognote]. This is one of my favorite places to have this.

My entrée was Ivory King Salmon, a special for the night. The salmon was delicious and the presentation was very well done. The salmon rested on a bed of Spinach which rested on a Potato Gratin in a pool of Mustard Vinaigrette. This was all topped with a garland of Beet Microgreens. An excellent choice [$29.50]. The birthday entrée was the 18oz Ribeye Cowboy Steak bone-in [$35.95]with loads of Onion Straws. The anniversary [wife-side] entrée was the Filet Combo, a 4oz Filet and Scallops. Everyone enjoyed!

Desserts were the Almond Tuile Canolli [$7] and the Crême Brulée [$6]. I had a decaf Capuccino [$3.95].

bloginfo: We were at the Glastonbury j.gilbert's.
blognote: Our server [Tall Julie] recommended the original presentation of the Shrimp Cocktail as it had changed. She served it the 'old way' with the shrimp salted and peppered with a sheen of olive oil. Perfect!

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It was awesome, thank you.
thank you, thank you.