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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

el Comerío

Here it is week 4 of the ACC Tour. I am halfway through the tour today!

Went to Comerío on Park Street. This used to be one of our favorite Puerto Rican restaurants but hadn't been back for a long while. Welcome Home, Tomás!

I had Carne Frita [fried chunks of pork] which had a great crust, rind and lots of delicious meat. The rice was Arroz Amarillo con Gandules [yellow rice with pigeon peas] and a bowl of habichuelas [the beans one expects on rice] which were very tasty with some good pork floating around.

The above [two pieces came home for the soup I made] and a Pepsi One came to $9.50. Money well spent!

bloginfo: el Comerío is at 158 Park on the corner of Hudson, one block down from Main
blognote: don't even think about parking on the corner in front and running in to pick up something para llevar [to go] as it is a bus stop and they were ticketing like mad.

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