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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

el Bajío

Week three of the ACC Tour [after class culinary tour] in Hartford ended up at el Bajío. I had heard that the individually ordered tacos were good as was the torta.

So we tried to try a chorizo torta but had to substitute a biftec one due to a chorizo shortage. The torta [$6] was good and the biftec had a great smoky barbecue taste. It was not as large as I was used to. The three tacos [$2.50 each]: pollo asado [chicken], el pastor [spicy beef] and carnitas [roast pork] were all a little dry. Everything got a lot better with some red [hot] and green [smoother] salsa were added. We each [2 of us] had a refresco [$2]; his was orange soda and mine cidral [a favorite apple soda in Mexico].

This is a nice, clean and colorful room. The telenovela in Spanish was raging and then the jukebox got going. So the air became colorful too.

bloginfo: el Bajío is located at 285 Franklin Avenue, Hartford, CT 860.296.2695
blognote: the tortas are much better at Iguanas Ranas in Middletown [check out that review]

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