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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Butterfly Restaurant

I remember this place as the West Hartford Howard Johnson's [doesn't that date me?].

Good meal here tonight after seeing Sara Ruhl's 'Dead Man's Cellphone' at Theater Works.

Started with an order of steamed pork dumplings [$6.25] six to an order, nicely done with a dipping sauce.
Ordered family style: Peking Duck [$30.95] super tasty with eight pancakes and four drumsticks; ordered when seated so not a long wait.
Baby shrimp with cashews [$11.25], sautéed snow peas, broccoli and string beans [$8.75], Moo Shu pork with an extra pancake to make five [$9.25] which was super delicious.
Brown rice, a couple of Tsingtao beers and fortune cookies and a good meal was had by all!

bloginfo: check out the website and menu here. The waiter wrapped both the Moo Shu pork and the Peking Duck tableside.
blognote: Great live music from the grand piano in the center of the dining room.

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