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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michael's Genuine

Michael's Genuine [Michael Schwartz, chef] was voted the 4th best new restaurant in the US for 2008 by the New York Times. Tonight's meal was true evidence of that. Luckily we were seated in the gallery and not the main room with bar which is very noisy. We were able to concentrate on our food which is always a good thing. But being in the Design District, the place is alive!

If I were to add this restaurant to my poetry blog, it would start:
'Torch ginger in the men's room, jazz at the bar....'

Opened with a bottle of Qupe Roussanne 2005 [$68] with the help of Mackenzie, Sommelier. It was a delightful full wine that complemented and did not overpower all the great food we ordered.

Marco, our server, was very helpful in steering us through the large menu. Unfortunately, everything sounded great so decisions were hard to come by. The food portions are divided into small, medium and large offerings [like tapa, porción and servicio] also sides, snacks, etc.

We ordered mainly from the medium, sides and snacks:
duck confit cauliflower mash, wilted greens, pear raisin chutney [$16]
wood roasted sweet onion stuffed with ground lamb and apricots [$15]
sautéed sweetbreads heirloom tomato & cippoline onion chutney, brown butter pan sauce, watercress [$16]
fudge farms bbq st louis ribs housemade bbq sauce [$15] made today in the parking lot
wood roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta and lemon aioli[$6]
homemade french fries [$6]
chicken liver crostini with caramelized onions [$5]
roasted pepper and cambazola cheese crostini [$6]

and for dessert [hedy goldsmith - pastry chef]:
chocolate cremoso with sea salt, olive oil, sourdough crostini & espresso parfait [$9]
banana caramel toffee panini with warm melted chocolate sauce [$9]
tangerine 'cremesicle' pot de creme with blackberry basil marmalade & hot doughnuts [$9]

and coffee [$2.50]

MY favorites were the cambazola cheese crostini [cheese is a great wedding of brie and gorgonzola], the brussels sprouts [the pancetta and aioli heightened the flavor] and the sweetbreads [the accompaniments made the dish]. My least favorite was the ribs [great flavor, too tough]
ALL the desserts were great but the banana panini [a flavor orgy] and the blackberry basil marmalade [cut the sweetness of the sweetness] were definitely memorable.
THE WINE was superb!

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