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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fontainebleu Hotel

Well today was a day! The restaurant is closed on Mondays, so instead of resting we went out and did the town.

Walked through and got lost at the new Fontainebleu hotel. Saw three of the new restaurants: Gotham [Alfred Bertole is the chef], Fresh and Vida where my niece is doing her internship from Johnson and Wales, Miami. Tried to get a drink at the pool bar and walked for miles through underground passages, up and down stairs, down an elevator and found the elevator to be closed. So we again walked through underground splendor an exit. We had opted to park at a meter on the street to avoid the $18 valet charge and found that we had 47 minutes left!

Ended up getting the drink [Blue Moon, Mai Tai, Margaritas] at Shuckers after driving in and out of the Barchetta lot.

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