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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anise Waterfront Taverna [FL]

This Taverna is one of my favorite places in Miami. We walked in and were welcomed like long-lost friends. Now that is how the 'front of the house' should work.

We had had a dining disaster across the river, should have come here for dinner in the first place. Had the Dessert Platter [$18] which contained just about everything you would ever want except one guest also needed Flan [$7] which we added to our order. The chocolate cake was new to me and deadly good. But the best after our dinner was the Yoghurt with Fruit, a tangy and cool antidote to the sweet gooeyness [is that a word?] of the platter. Also had a bottle of sparkling water, some great Moscat d'Asti [$7 a glass but a refill at the end] and an espresso. Great terrace with a real view. Love you guys!

blognote: Promised we would do dinner here at the end of June prior to my Cuba trip.


Ate here again last night late. They still had patrons so we joined in. Good thing we did. Same good food and great atmosphere.

We each had a Keo beer from Cyprus, good and cold. Some apps: the sausage sampler plate and the tiropites [cheese triangles in phyllo] which I almost like better than spanokopita.
Three entrees: Braised Rabbit with homemade gnocchi [excellent], Shrimp Saganaki [one of my old favorites] and my Calamari salad which was huge and fresh with very thinly sliced and fried calamari rings.
No dessert for us but we received glasses of a limoncillo and anise cookies!

Now here is a find. If you are in Miami make the effort to eat here. If the weather is good you can sit outside on the canal.

January 15, 2009 review:

We ordered the following:

from the drink menu:
three beers: Alpha [Greek], Peroni [Italian] and a Heineken

from the salad menu:
Greek Village[$7] typical Greek salad as served in country; no lettuce
Crisp Butter Lettuce [$9] topped with white anchovies & shallots in a lime vinaigrette. It was simple and fresh and delicious.

from the mezze - tapas menu:
Spanokopita [$7] with lots of feta
Grilled Sausages [$9]: Greek, French and Italian sausages
Baked Eggplant Rolls [$9] feta and herbs topped with a cherry tomato salsa. Rich and hearty.

complimentary glasses of Chinchón [Spanish anisette liquer] with the check.

All of the food was excellent, the place is right out of Mykonos and the service rocked! Their website is now up and working.

bloginfo: 620 NE 78th Street, 33138
telephone: 305.758.2929

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