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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Whole Foods

Sundays at Whole Foods; now there is a new venture!

They have a brunch station and omelets to order [$7.95] but we all chose the pizza station. Three entrées of a Breakfast Foccacia which was stuffed with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese and thick bacon. Heated in the pizza oven, it was great. That and a bottle of Ginger/Lemon tea set me back less than $5. What a bargain. This could easily the Panera Sunday stop.

The other night [after those great wings at Big Bubba's BBQ] we ate a light supper at Whole Foods in Glastonbury.

I opted for the Double Salmon Sushi Roll which was an inside out roll filled with chopped salmon and wrapped with salmon and avocado. This was accompanied by my most favorite refreshing summer drink of a Tea Sparkler. There are two varieties and I can never remember the names. Anyway this is the one with the honey. For dessert I ordered a kiddy cup of Mango/Melon Sorbet. It all came to $16.41 including tax [and, of course, no tip as it was take away].

bloginfo: The hot food sections of Latino and Comfort Foods were not open at this time [6:30? pm]
blognote: The other sushi orders were Spicy Tuna and Salmon [cooked] with brown rice.

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