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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Bubba's BBQ

Took a trip today to MGM/Foxwoods to see the new hotel and casino. Got a late start so stopped off at Mohegan Sun for a lunch of two orders of Smoked Chicken Wings [$9.95] and an order of BBQ Shrimp [$10.95]. There were four jumbo shrimp on a skewer with some great slaw. But ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT: the wings are the best ever and make a real filling lunch and they are cheap for the amount of goodness you get [along with some kicking dip].

blognote: Not impressed with MGM Grand casino. The open restaurants were not impressive either. Tom Collicchio's CraftSteak doesn't open until 5 and $30 an OUNCE for a steak flown in from Japan won't be blogged here by me!

A 'spring break' outing took us to Mohegan Sun Casino.
We had so many choices of places to eat but ended up at an old standard: Big Bubba's BBQ.

Started with an appetizer of Smoked Chicken Wings which were just about the best ever. Huge platter full of delectable goodness with just the right amount of 'smoke.'

One Bodacious Pulled Pork Sandwich and two orders [one which was mine] of Trash Ribs. These are probably the best bargain on the menu. A plate full of the cut ends of full racks of ribs with a cup of coleslaw all for $9.95. Had a Pilsner Urquell [Czech] which went very well with the ribs.

bloginfo: Trash Ribs are found on the menu under Appetizers. They are not always available; you have to ask.
blognote: Lots of remodeling being done so the big Wheel of Fortune game was out of commission. Used the other smaller one in the Hall of Tribes but Vanna wasn't good to me.

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