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Sunday, October 14, 2007

joey garlic's pizzeria

Another birthday party! But tonight it was for brother-in-law.
Ate at Joey Garlic's Pizzeria in Farmington. Had to find out what all the buzz was about in the Hartford Courant.

Two beers: Long Trail and a Stone Mill [$3.75 each] and a Chocolate Strawberry/Cherry soda [$2.25]]. Then a large Clams Casino Pie [$19.95]. The beers were fine and the soda was enjoyed by the person who ordered it [I thought it was gross!] The pizza was good but not great; the tomatoes and basil were fresh, the bacon was good and the clams were very few. The crust was thin and well flavored. If this place were in my neighborhood, I would eat there again but wouldn't drive that distance for the pizza.

bloginfo: Located at 372 Scott Swamp Road in Farmington, CT. Telephone is 678,7231
blognotes: they bus and turn the tables very quickly, we had a 20 mintue wait but I could see that it might take longer on busy nights, the parking lot was filled and difficult to find a space

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