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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Forbidden City

Ate tonight at Forbidden City on Main Street in Middletown. Another great meal here.

Started with those fried rolls and flavored butter. And a nice bottle of white Spanish wine [I think it was Tres Rayas].

Four entrées:
Fried Shrimp with Melon Balls [I have had it before] enjoyed and finished.
Duck on Puffy Buns [I have had it before] and it was great [just remember to put the scallion in when you make those great little 'sandwiches'
Short Ribs with Baby Bok Choy [I haven't had that one yet!] looked good and nothing left at the end of the meal
I had the Pork Cutlet in Green Curry Noodles [special of the night] exquisite, my compliments to the chef. Just the right amount of kick and there is enough left over for another meal this week

No desserts but I had a pot of Chrysantheum Tea [from the Tea menu no less].

blognote: Mario was our waiter and he is really good.

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