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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pho Boston

Good meal tonight at Pho Boston. Went there after a super showing of Miss Saigon [get the theme?] with one of the dancers in the show and her family.

Apps: Three types of Spring Rolls - one with shrimp and pork slices, one with just pork slices and one with shredded pork skin came with two dips - fish sauce and peanut sauce [$3.75 an order]

Pho Boston #15 - large bowl, special spicy saté with rare steak [$6.95]
Pork and Vegetable Chow Fun #44 [$8.50]
Combination Pork, Beef, Chicken and Vegetable Chow Fun #47 [$9.50]
Pad Thai [spicy and served hot] #48 [$8.50]
Grilled Pork Slices on Vermicelli #64 [$6.95]

Singha Thai beer and #30 Vietnamese beer

bloginfo: Pho Boston Authentic Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine, Shield Street Plaza, 144 Shield Street, West Hartford, CT

blognotes: this place always wins all sorts of awards from the Hartford Advocate,
clientele mostly Asian and waiters are fully bilingual and very helpful in ordering

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