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Monday, May 28, 2007


Tried the new dining room at the Wadsworth Atheneum yesterday for lunch. Very civilized but I like the older setting before as it had more ambience. But I guess you have to cater to the crowd.

You order at the kiosk and are then assigned to a table [#22]. A waitperson then brings your meal to your table. The room overlooks the sculpture court so is quite light and bright. Room needed a vacuuming from yesterday's service; I was very early so it must have been leftover crumbs. The room has been totally redesigned and the low-temp colors are soothing. The seating is comfortable.

I ordered the modern angle cobb [everything is in lower case font] for $14.00 and this included a beverage from the self-serve station. There were several kinds of soft drinks, fresh brewed iced tea, and coffee. Beer and wine are available at extra cost.

The cobb salad is described on the menu as fresh roasted rosemary crusted turkey [didn't find any rosemary], applewood smoked bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, marinated haricot verts beans [redundant (and a scarce amount)], bermuda onion, grape tomatoes, hard boiled egg, baby greens, green goddess dressing. It was to be accompanied by breadsticks but dinner rolls [remember those] were subsittuted. All in all, it was tasty. The iced tea was excellent. I opted for no dessert but there were three interesting items.

The menu [on large banners outside the door and on paper at kiosk] offers soup of the day, six sandwiches, four salads, four items 'from the oven' and a children's menu.

bloginfo: CAFE@WA is located inside the museum. You have to enter through the main entry on Main Street. I am a member so don't know how to eat there without membership but it is possible. I guess you have to promise not to look at the art!

blognote: The restaurant is run by Jordan Caterers located in Chesire, CT

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